The best novels with unusual narratives.

Do you have a great idea for a novel but are struggling to work out how to tell the story? Or are you midway through telling a story and feels it needs a bit more? This blog is all about novels which push the boundaries of narrative. Non linear narratives - this is...

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What stops you writing? – extracts from July Newsletter

July: What gets in the way of you doing what you want to do? I think most people have something they really, really want to do, but sadly many of them will never get around to fulfilling that desire. This seems to me particularly true if the wish is to do something...

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Top ten novels set in the workplace.

After a year of virtual working, do you feel more than ready to get back to the real workplace? Hold that thought for just a second. Can you remember what it was actually like? The commute? Getting dressed up (or dressed down)? Those weird people you work with - are...

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Top Ten Enormous books which are worth the investment.

I don't know about you, but I often hesitate before picking up an enormous book, even if I know it has a fabulous reputation and friends are urging me to read it. Even though I am a quick and voracious reader, it's quite an investment, isn't it? So in this blog I'm...

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Top Ten Road Trip Books

There is a bit of a theme developing here with these blogs. A yearning to get back out into the world. Not surprising really. Anyway this month's blog is about Road Trips. Stories often involve a 'quest', and therefore there are many brilliant books which feature road...

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