Top ten books to get you in the mood for spring

It's March and here in Scotland the weather can go either way. Right now my cherry tree is in blossom and I'm considering getting the garden furniture out. But in March 2018, Edinburgh was buried in snow thanks to the 'beast from the east'. Thankfully books are not...

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Top Ten Crime and Thriller Series

As avid readers, is there anything better than discovering a new series of books to devour? Crime and thriller books seem to lend themselves particularly well to series, presumably because early on the writer can establish the main character - the professional or...

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Top Twenty Books of 2022.

Welcome to my review of books read in 2022. I read over eighty books and it's always fun to look back over the year and spot trends. I discovered many brilliant UK YA books compared to 2021 when the market seemed dominated by the US. MG writing is also still amazing...

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Writing Spooky. Extracts from October’s newsletter.

I've had a productive few weeks which has resulted in me sending four completed projects to my agent - with profuse apologies, but she said something interesting. She said this time of year was often a 'finishing off and unloading' time of year for her clients, and I...

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Top Ten Scariest Novels of all Time

Halloween is fast approaching, so why not get yourself in the mood by reading your way through my list of the scariest novels of all time? A few of these are supernatural, but not all; instead they are the kinds of books you just can't put down and which are...

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