It’s not easy to earn money as a writer, but here are some resources which might help.

Writing non-fiction

What to write about: Generating Ideas for Features

Using sales techniques to land a commission: Mslexia

How to follow up queries – or what to when silence is the reply:

This is a bit out of date now, but hopefully will still offer you some help if writing about parenting is your thing  Writing for the Mother and Baby press

One of the things I liked best about being a non-fiction writer was doing research. Getting paid to find out new things.  However you quickly uncover far more information than you’re going to need: normally you only have about 1,000 words or so of space. Yet what you have discovered about your topic could take ten times that word count. As long as you take a fresh angle and use new words, it’s perfectly possible to cover the same issue more than once.

See how I wrote about the same thing twice:

Paradise Afloat and Canal

Spiders HC and Spiders Jun

Writing Fiction

If you’re writing a novel, you can save a lot of tine by using software specially designed for you. I’ve been using Scrivener for years now, and here are some features which might help:

What is Scrivener

Using Scrivener to save time

How Scrivener can help

Plotting your novel

And if you’re ready to submit, here is some advice I gleaned from a session at the Edinburgh Book Festival listening to top editors discussing what they look for in a book:

What do editors look for in a children’s book? Part 1.

What do editors look for in a children’s book? Part 2.

And finally here are some of my blog posts which you might find useful:

Are ‘how to write’ books any help?

Everything but the kitchen sink

The Jane Austen Writers Club – what a great book for writers.

Plagiarism or homage?

Creating a book journal

Are writers sadists?

How quickly can you write?

Rules and more rules

Descriptive writing

Finishing a book

Narrators – reliable or otherwise

Seasonal writers

The New Novel

Death, plumbing and writing

To blog or not to blog..

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