Why do writers ignore the world of work?

I have just finished reading PD James’ The Lighthouse, and without spoiling the plot for potential readers, it involves writers and their writing and the plot was threaded through this to some extent. I remember also reading a crime thriller by Elizabeth George where...

Romantic fiction: porn for women?

I have been pondering some feedback I was given about a sample chapter from my novel. I was told that it was a “bit Mills and Boons”. Argh! Horror! Mortification! Luckily no-one else has agreed with this rather damning analysis, including my agent whose job it is to...

There is no such thing as a favourite book

OK here is a challenge for you. I believe that it’s impossible for a writer to have a favourite book. Having a favourite book means a) you have not read enough books and b) you have not changed over time. Both fatal flaws for a writer. I have literally (sic) thousands...

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