10 Best YA Books of the Decade

Last month’s blog featured my top fifteen books of the decade. I was originally intending to limit this to ten, which was impossible, and the only way I could keep it down to fifteen was to save all the YA favourites for their own, special list. So here we go,...

Best books of the decade

It was suggested to me that maybe now would be a good time to look back and select my favourite books published during the last decade. Oh yes, I thought… First problem…  It’s actually quite hard to remember what was published when; and humbling too....

Top Ten Books About Time Travel

I adore anything to do with time travel. Far more interesting than life after death, easier to grasp than parallel universes, it allows for the exploration of so many ideas, concepts, truths about human nature, history, and possibilities. Here are my top ten reads. 1....

Twenty-five best reads of 2019

To select twenty-five best reads might sound easy, but it’s really not when you’ve read over eighty books in total that year. However I always enjoy giving it a go as it’s a pleasure to re-visit the year’s finds. I also like cheating; finding...

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