Coming soon: Emily’s Dreaming

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Coming soon: Emily’s Dreaming

The blurb for this book is on the home page – I’ve also included it below. But how did this book come about? It arose fairly naturally from my previous, non fiction writing, which was about baby and child care and development. Who looks after the baby is a fraught issue for parents – and I thought it would be fun to explore that in a book. So it started with a working mother, new baby, and nanny. That was the launch point, but it’s not really where it ended up, because I got far more interested in the big sister, Emily. In fact when I started writing, her voice came through very clearly as the narrator, and after that, the book became driven by what was happening to her, and how she felt about it. A first person narrator is not always easy, but this book zipped along with her in charge.

Here is the blurb: Emily has just turned sixteen and can’t stop bickering with her mum. Her new stepdad is not helping matters given that he’s only twenty-seven, totally fit and knows it. And now she’s having disturbing visions which suggest that her baby brother and her best friend Rachel are in terrible danger. Thing is, she doesn’t believe in the supernatural. In steps David, Rachel’s big brother, who is just the right person to talk things through with… until he hits on her. Is it OK to fall for your best friend’s brother? What about flirting with your stepdad on Facebook behind your Mum’s back? But most importantly, what do the visions mean and will Emily act on them in time?

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