The Babymoon Experience

Becoming a mother is probably the most life-changing experience any woman goes through, and the period after giving birth is a time of huge adjustment for both mother and baby. Many cultures recognise this with a tradition of ‘lying in’ but in the West we have lost this idea. Instead women are pressurised to get ‘back to normal’ as soon as possible, and in minimising the time they need to recover from the birth and get to know their babies, we trivialise the event. Not surprising then that ten percent of women in the UK have severe postnatal depression and many more feel they ‘can’t cope’.

Bestselling author Caroline Deacon explores how we can prepare for and enjoy this precious and vital time. The book offers a reassuring, affirming, entertaining and informative guide to babymooning and takes the reader through pregnancy, birth and those key first weeks of a newborn’s life.

She urges us to rediscover the art of mothering the new mother.


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“The best book to guide you through all you need to know: The Babymoon Experience aims to reclaim the lost tradition of the ‘babymoon’ – the resting period needed by new mothers. This book teaches you how to recover physically and emotionally after giving birth” ***** (five star review) Now celebrity Mum & Baby


“Over the years we have seen a huge increase in postnatal depression, often the result of societal pressure and expectation for the new mother to get back into a routine immediately after the birth. The Babymoon Experience explores the need for a move towards allowing new mothers the chance to ‘just be’ in order to recover both physically and emotionally from the momentous experience of birth, and the transition to parent. It aims to recover the lost tradition of the babymoon, still practiced in many cultures around the world. Caroline Deacon is an experienced mother of three.” Green Parent


“Having a baby can be a life changing event and the first few weeks after birth can be a period of extreme adjustment. All too often there’s too much of a rush to get ‘back to normal’, but Caroline Deacon believes we need to rediscover the art of ‘mothering the new mother.’ That’s where The Babymoon Experience comes in. The book covers both pregnancy, the early weeks after the birth and the time after the babymoon and offers practical ideas, tips and advice for helping mums prepare for pregnancy and adjust to life with a new baby. There are inspiring personal stories included throughout the chapters and subheadings makes sections easy to read and skim through when your time is primarily taken up with looking after your baby.” Baby London


 “The author talks a lot of sense as she advocates the lost tradition of the “babymoon”… the period of nurturing and rest needed by new mothers and babies to ensure a good start and strong bonding.” The bookseller 



Amazon Reviews:

great book

This is a really excellent book and I recommend it to all expectant parents and grandparents. My daughter bought it when expecting her first and I bought it to read as well. It is very relaxed and comforting whilst giving a new mum a good view of what to expect. Most of all it advises them not to rush out into the world straight after the baby is born, but to take time to get to know each other and to recover from childbirth and pregnancy – to nurture both mother and baby. It is very reassuring on all aspects of late pregnancy and the early months of being a mother. It really is an excellent and reassuring book. 


Wish I’d read this when I was pregnant

This book is a fantastic read for those who are expecting a baby. I found the first few weeks of my baby’s life very stressful, juggling visitors and making them endless cups of tea and making sure they were ok. If I had read this book earlier, visitors would have been severely restricted and I would have spent much more precious time bonding with my baby without unnecessary distractions. It takes a look at other cultures and ensures a lovely first few weeks with your little bundle.

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