I’ve recently been involved in a fascinating project. @EchoesoftheCity has recorded site specific podcasts linked to various locations in the city of Edinburgh, designed to be listened to as podwalks.
When the call first came out for writers to submit stories for this project, there was also a list of suggested sites. As soon as I saw Broughton Street on the list, my story came to me, fully formed, and took little over half an hour to write. That was a first draft, of course, which required editing, tidying, etc, but the basic core remained the same, and I am very proud of the finished result.
Having heard horror stories from writer friends who have had books recorded with mispronunciations, poor delivery etc, I was slightly worried about how the story would sound, but the actor who voices my story was brilliant, managing to pronounce all the weird words (Traquair, Gestener anyone?) and read it with exactly the right tone.
Here is the story http://www.echoesofthecity.com/broughton-street/ click the link at the end to hear it read, and then afterwards do go back to the home page and listen to the other stories.
And if you are in Edinburgh, download the pod walk ap, walk around this beautiful city, and listen to our stories as you go.

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