Why is Edinburgh so great for writing?

Why is Edinburgh so great for writing?

Have you considered why Edinburgh is choka full of excellent writers at the moment? Is it something in the water? Or the air? Perhaps we should all go there and inhale deeply. I have to tell you, having been a student there for four years, inhaling deeply between the months of October and February will probably result in a lung transplant. The air is seriously cold. I grew up in the far north of Scotland, in a ski resort which is  a good 150 miles further north than Edinburgh, but I tell you it was tropical compared to the capital…

To blog or not to blog..

Well I’ve just joined the 21st century by attempting to join the blogging hordes. No idea why. Yes I do know why actually. I am a writer; I spend all day sitting at a PC writing, so why not spend yet more time here, ruining my eyes, getting repetitive strain injury, in my spare time? I am hoping to link up with other writers I guess, and to hear about your trials and tribulations (cliche noted). I’ve been writing as a freelancer for, well I guess about 12 years now, and make a reasonable living at it, but hey, how…