Over the last sixteen years I’ve written for all of the major parenting magazines, on just about every imaginable topic under the broad umbrellas of health, development, behaviour and parenting. Here is just a small selection:



Some have been incredibly interesting to research – alternative education, creative schools, getting out of the rat race, for instance.

But probably the parenting artices I’ve enjoyed writing most were the humorous ones, based on my own experiences:

alternative-education-1Musical prodigy

Mummy’s escaped

We bought a tardis

Big bad dad

By the book

Home sweet home






Although serious personal experience articles can also be captivating:

I was adopted

Writing about travel is probably every writer’s dream, and I’ve been very fortunate. For the shell seekers I was flown to Benbecula and fed gourmet food for three days AND paid for the privilege (Shell Seekers). I’ve enjoyed free skiing in the French Alps (Snow Angels). But most travel writers actually start by writing about what they know – and where you live can be fascinating for someone outside the area (Northern Exposure – Inverness)


So you’ve been asked to write an article.

You’re going to need to do research, and you’ll probably uncover far more information than you’re going to need: normally you only have about 1,000 words or so of space. Yet what you have discovered about your topic could take ten times that word count. As long as you take a fresh angle and use new words, it’s perfectly possible to cover the same issue more than once.

Paradise Afloat and Canal

Spiders HC and Spiders Jun

As a creative writing teacher I’ve also written about getting into print for magazines varying from Freelance Market News through to Mslexia, the magazine for women who write:


Writing for the Mother and Baby press

Generating Ideas for Features


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