About Me


carolinedeaconsitenewAs I’m sure is the case for most writers, it’s hard to say exactly when I started. I can remember a short, illustrated story, penned around age three, about a good man drinking all his milk up. There was then a truly dreadful story about depression and death written for O Level English which I discovered, to my horror, in print in the school magazine. Fortunately neither survives. At university, letters of outrage to the student newspaper found their way into print. I was particularly proud of a self-help pamphlet about contraception, written in my role as student welfare officer, so it was a salutatory lesson to return from the summer vacation and find that it had been printed and distributed with someone else claiming authorial credit.

After I left university I worked for a socialist feminist magazine called the Leveller, writing features and reviews. We thought we would change the world or at least topple Thatcher; those were the heady days when many people believed that the pen was mightier than the sword. Instead we went bankrupt. After some time travelling and working in the French Alps, I returned to the UK, got married, started a family, and decided to work as a freelance writer. I wrote for various magazines and websites as well as writing, editing and contributing to several books; the best known of which Babycalming sold over 65,000 copies.

I’m now writing YA and MG fiction. Tombstone, a ghost story, is seeking a publisher, as is Prey, a dual narrative thriller about riches poverty in SE England. My agent is Lindsey Fraser at fraserross.co.uk

I’ve been teaching adults for over twenty-five years and have worked as a creative writing tutor for Inverness college (UHI), the Workers Education Association (WEA), and Moray Firth Tutorial College. Contact me to find out about my next set of classes.


I grew up in the Highlands of Scotland, studied psychology at the University of Edinburgh, and have lived in London, France, SE England and Inverness. I now live in Edinburgh.